How to filter data in a template grid from refence selectors

I have two reference selectors in a data view connected to an entity that display two different lists of items the first selector chooses what to show in the second selector. I also have a template grid attached to the same entity below this data view. I would like to filter the data in the template grid to only show data based on the selections of the reference selectors and the data that is related to them. I have tried using conditional visibility and xpath constraints but I am new to mendix so I do not believe I am using them correctly.  Thanks,  
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I would suggest to you create a Search helper entity associated with your template grid entity and add an on-change microflow that filters your list and associate the list with the search helper entity and refresh the parent entity of the page.

In your Page, the Template Grid Datasource should be via association.


you can use datasource as microflow and filter your list based on the selected list and return the list. 
In this case, in your Onchange microflow, u need to refresh the parent entity and that will trigger the ds flow again and return your filtered list.