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How can I show a list of events “objects” of the month "that happened  or saved a month ago" through nanoflow for native
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Hi Abdallah,

You can use a listview and use the nanoflows as the datasource,

In the nanoflow, you can call the microflow, by using a ‘Microflow Call activity and do all the database related 

transactions there,

First, make sure your system member ‘CreatedDate’ is checked,

Now, in the microflow,  add a Date And Time variable say ‘TimePeriod’, with value,


Now in the microflow, you can use a retrieve activity and choose the Event entity,

Now in the Xpath section, you can write an Xpath,


This will give you the list of all the events


If you don’t have CreatedDate checked in the entity, then you should have an attribute which stores the created date or registration date of a particular event,

Otherwise you won’t be able to retrieve them on the base of created/registered date,


Let me know if you have any issues,

Hope it helps!!


You can create a Date and Time variable, let's call it $SelectedPeriod and here you can use for example:
addMonths($YourDateInput, -1)


$YourDateInput is the date you want to use as input to go one month back, you can also use here [%BeginOfCurrentDay%] etc.


$SelectedPeriod is $YourDateInput minus 1 month.


With the created DateTime variable you can use a xpath constraint to retrieve a specific range of data, for example:

[RegisteredDate >= $SelectedPeriod]