Cell Styler not coloring text in Data Grid

Hey community, I’m using the marketplace module “Grid Cell Styler” by Mendix to style the cells in the Data Grid depending on their values. When the date exceeds a range the background should turn orange/red and the text should get white. I created a custom style in the custom-variables.scss: Next I set this style to be used by the CellStyler on my page:   Strange thing is both styles seem to be working for backgroundcolor and border but not for the textcolor, as you can see here: I’m pretty new to mendix so its possible that its just a pretty easy dumb error.
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Yes, it is possible. I suspect the text-color attribute is already specified somewhere else and apparently more specific.  You will have to further specify your selector


Hi Syman,

Checkout any class is added for the particular datagrid if there is any class remove it as that particular classes will be over-writting your code.