The connectionbus_Queries gives a lot of warnings in the logs that queries for queuedTasks take a long time (10-20 secs). These are queries where values are either compared to a questionmark or IS NULL. What is this?

Here an example of the logs:   WARNING - ConnectionBus_Queries: Query executed in 16 seconds and 142 milliseconds: UPDATE "system$queuedtask" WHERE "system$queuedtask"."queueid" = ? AND "system$queuedtask"."status" = ? AND "system$queuedtask"."threadid" IS NULL AND ("system$queuedtask"."startat" <= ? OR "system$queuedtask"."startat" IS NULL)   Since these logs are logged every couple of seconds and they are each trying to query something, i got the impression that it is slowing down my application a lot. Why are they compared to a questionMark or isNull? Something is not right i quess? Things i've already looked into: - i added an overview of the taskQueues for an admin. I see there are a couple of system taskqueues with status "idle”. - I tried deleting them in the after startup. But they are back again after first login. - There are no other scheduled events or microflows running in the background that i know of. - The application is running on SAP BTP, so i cannot use the sprintr environment to check if there are other microflows currently running.      
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The question marks are just placeholders, nothing to worry about it’s just the way that the query is displayed in the log. The question marks will be filled with the actual data when the requets is handled by the server.

The message that the retrieves are taking a long time is something to worry about though.

The app is trying to update the system$queuedtask table, so the queuedtask table in the system module. I expect there is a lot of data generated in this table that is slowing down the update.

Maybe try to download and restore a database locally and inspect the table to get some more clues on what is causing the delay?