How to use import mapping with JSON array of objects

I am using call rest activity and it returns this data structure  [     {         "id": "966d8580-a6d8-11ed-baf0-4e77cbba3907",         "name": "Approve Task",         "assignee": null,         "created": "2023-02-07T14:14:28.526+0300",         "due": null,         "followUp": null,         "lastUpdated": null,         "delegationState": null,         "description": null,         "executionId": "966d857c-a6d8-11ed-baf0-4e77cbba3907",         "owner": null,         "parentTaskId": null,         "priority": 50,         "processDefinitionId": "Task-Approval:3:0f2982b2-a601-11ed-baf0-4e77cbba3907",         "processInstanceId": "966d857c-a6d8-11ed-baf0-4e77cbba3907",         "taskDefinitionKey": "Activity_0uzp42n",         "caseExecutionId": null,         "caseInstanceId": null,         "caseDefinitionId": null,         "suspended": false,         "formKey": null,         "camundaFormRef": null,         "tenantId": null     } ] so, I created JSON structure with array of objects and added a new import mapping   I chose import mapping in the response tab for the call REST activity, no list options appeared for list, so I am wondering how can I get the values for such structure and I am not sure if what I did is correct      
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If you would do an import mapping the return object shoot be a Root entity. And from there you could retrieve the imported tasks. And that is a list. From the Rest call I see now the return value is a string. Then it looks you did not apply the import mapping. You could do the import mapping also on the string. But most of the time you do the REST call and import mapping in one go.