Filter widgets not in place

Hey community I’m facing following issue: Trying to view a list of tasks in a list. I’m using Data Grid 2 for it. Now it happens everything works fine, except the filter widgets get displayed to low. Heres how it should be (the widget is inside the header): And this is how it actualy looks like (the filter widget is on top of the first datarow: I have no additional css classes assigned to the grid. I’m only using conditional formating on some columns and using “table-compact table-hover” on the DataGrid2 itself. The column itself is set to “Fir to content” but even when i switch to “Auto-fill” the widget is still displayed on top of the data.   Did anyone face thsi issue before and is able to help me move the widgets inside the header?
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Syman, did you figure out how to fix this?  I’m learning Mendix & this is my first (not great) experience with Datagrid 2.   Refreshing the browser, as was suggested, didn’t make a difference…