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Hey folks, let me first apologize for my bad english, it isn´t my native language. My Question: Situation: I have an employee(e) DB with an employee entity and a skill(s) entity they are associated with n:n and refer to each other at the moment. So 1 e can have different s. Now what i want is a page were i can give 1 to 5 s as an input and it should only show a list of e where all requirements are met, in a later iteration i want it to give the next best e if the search would get a NIL - to explain what i mean… I give an input of 5 skills but no e has all 5, then i want to have all others with at least 4, then 3 and so on… but only if x isn´t met… Has anyone an idea? I´ve tried different Data Containers with ideas, but none worked… the last one was to take a DataGrid with 5 equal searchfields but then i get an error saying i can´t use the same searchfield twice. Any help is deeply appreciated! Kind Regards Basti   p.s.: I use Mendix 9.22
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because you have some logic on your e results, based on the s criteria, it has to be solved through helper entities, with associations to s and e.

one helper entity to keep the skills selection.

one helper entity for the matching employees.

to find any e matching one of the skills, you can retrieve e with an s associated with the selectionhelper.
each e will be associated with the matching entity and a count can be calculated. 
this resultset can be returned to you