Chart Loading Slow

I have used charts to display visualize the data from external database. For 80k records, the chart is taking more time to load? Is this case is common or should I need to optimize from my end?
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Not surprising that 80K rows will take some time to render in your browser.  You could do some investigation and see if the slowness is due to data transfer from the data source to your browser (this is likely part of the issue if the data retrieved has a lot of attributes) or if your browser spends time processing the data.  Both things are probably contributing to the slowness.


For a data set of this size, I would recommend

  • creating a ‘summary’ table to contain the chart points/bars/pie slices that you want
  • make a scheduled event that calls a microflow that retrieves the raw data periodically and populates the summary table.

Hope that helps.