Filtering data source using a microflow

I am trying to filter data based on a selection of a reference selector using a microflow.   I have the first reference selector which will select an industry and based off of that selection the second reference selector will show digital threads only related to its specific industry. I then have a gallery that shows the steps involved with each digital thread and I would like to use a microflow as the source of the gallery to filter the steps based on the digital thread selected. I retrieve the list of steps but when I add a filter activity to my microflow it will not let me filter by expression because my values are not boolean is there a way around this to filter by string?
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Hi Samuel,


I don’t have a full understanding of the process you are working on but it sounds like you could perhaps use Xpath on your retrieve action to do the filtering for you.  You should be able to add an xpath expression such as [Step.SteptoDigitalThreadAssociation = $SpecificDigitalThread] which should return only steps associated to a certain digital thread.


Hope this gets you pointed in the right direction.