Can I set multiple page parameters?

Hi there,   I think that only one page parameter can be set, but is it possible to set more than one? (Because studio pro is designed to allow multiple settings.) I tried to create a graph with separate data views, but the error persisted if there are multiple page parameters. If I want to display a graph of several entities in one page as a dashboard, how should I structure it?   Thanks in advance. BR, Kazuki Abe
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I think your Error lies in the Page Properties. You can easily define multiple Page Parameters (as you can see in the screenshots). But if you delete lets say a dataview on the page (where the datasource “context” was selected) The parameter stays in the page properties. Please check this view if the parameters are correct or delete all unused or unavailable items:










Here you can see how i managed to add multiple page parameters:

This would be your Dashboard page with multiple Entities:


And this is one way how to call the page (can be done in a Microflow, nanoflow, etc. aswell :



So if you have any error like this:

Please check the page properties if there are any old parameters that are expected still listed in there