create, add to list and delete on same popup page

Hi,   is there a prefered way (without reloading the page) to let users create a new Entity that is added to a list view / datagrid below where the user can delete them again if he made an error?   I managed to implement this with the use of microflows and “show page” activities but not yet without having to show the same page again or on popup pages. If i just delete the object without triggering the Microflow above (where a new item is created with datasource “microflow” with the show page activity) an empty item remains in the list and i cant create a new item.   Thanks!
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Hi David. So If I got it right, the only thing you missed in your microflow is the Commit Action with ‘Refresh in client’ checked with yes .

I’ll write below how would my process of doing this look like.
I would create a Person Entity in Data Model, and generate overview pages (right click action on your Entity in domain model) (Image1+Image2) . When you generate your pages you’ll always get The overview page and the one with the suffix _NewEdit. (Image3) You can open that _NewEdit page → go to the properties and make it responsive, since you want to add datagrid and we want to have a clear overview of the things on the page. We wouldn’t have that if it was a popup page. After that, you’ll edit the ‘on click action’ on your save button on _NewEdit Page and choose an option ‘Call a microflow’. Then, you’ll create a new microflow with the name ‘ACT_EntityName_CreateNew’ because you want your app to be organized and by the Mendix conventions (Image4). There you’ll add a change object activity and after that Commit activity. (Image5) . 

Hope it helped.