Trouble retrieving over an association.

I am having trouble retrieving data from my database over an association from my microflow. In my project I have three reference selectors in a dataview and a datagrid2 below it. In my data view which has a data source of an entity ‘narrative steps’ which is the page parameter. You will select an industry which will then let you select a digital thread and then a narrative step. These work by constrained by xpaths which limit the options so only digital threads will show for certain industries and certain digital threads will show for a digital thread. I have made it so the on click action creates a variable for each reference selector.   Then I have a datagrid2 that populates via a microflow of an assets entity which has many items that are part of one narrative step. I am trying to get it so after the selections of the reference selectors are made it will use what was selected and filter the datagrid to only show assets that are related to the narrative steps that was selected. The microflow I currently am using is below. When I do a straight retrieve of the assets I see all of the assets but I cannot filter them based on the selections of the reference selectors as I would want to. If I change the output to be the retrieve by association of my assets to my narrative steps nothing populates in my grid. I have also tried filtering using the filter list command and retrieving by xpath on the retrieve of the assets list but none of this does my desired goal. And when I checked in the debugger none of the variables are populated and none of the entities have information they are all empty.   Summing up if there is a better way to filter my datagrid via the selections of the reference selectors or if you see where I am going wrong I would greatly appericate the help. Thanks.
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As these are reference selectors, they depend on data being loaded into the system. Has the sandbox been populated with enough data in all the relevant entities for this to work compared to your local Studio Pro?

I hope this helps.