Mendix not updating the reflecting the changes in SCSS file without Calypso

Hi, I am facing an issue with Mendix Studio Pro 9.18.3. Whatever changes I made in my custom SCSS file they are not reflecting in the browser without using Calypso. The project is very big, sometimes Studio Pro cannot handle and crashes. I have tried things like: deleting the deployment folder Disabled cache in the browser copying theme folder from another branch tried with a fresh branch. The SCSS file changes are only getting updated when I am running Calypso. Can anyone give any idea on why Studio Pro is behaving like this?
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Conclusion so far is that in your project there is some styling that StudioPro can not handle. Styling by itself is correct, since Calypso can compile it. My next step would be to start a new project, make sure StudioPro  9.18.3 compiles the css and then start adding chunks of (the styling of) your current project. See when StudioPro stops compiling.