A form to rapidly capture many brainstorm ideas

A form to rapidly capture many brainstorm ideas I am trying to build an screen that will be used during a brainstorm session. The requirement is for a facilitator to rapidly capture brainstorm ideas from delegates in the room (or on Zoom). So I am looking for a form that works like Excel in the sense that you type a bunch of text and press enter. Bam, it's captured (and saved). Type the next idea. Enter. Bam, its captured (and saved). Rinse; repeat. I am new to Mendix Studio Pro and would appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction. Thanks. 
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Interesting idea in the sense that this a requirement that we do not often get. You can do this in a normal page, add a datagrid for your entity ‘idea’ and set the column to ‘editable’. No autosave, so you do need to press Save each time.

Going for the full monty:

  • you might get better interaction if you use an offline-first profile.
  • use javascript and nanoflows and create post-its, like on miro.com