Crypto-js ecryption decryption not working inMendix

Encryption Issue Installed crypto-js in Project location/Action folder using command prompt d:\Projects\ABC-main\javascriptsource\upsell\actions>npm i crypto-js d:\Projects\ABC-main\javascriptsource\upsell\actions>npm i --save-dev @types/crypto-js Created Javascript Action:   export async function JSA_EncryptDataNew(strStringForEncryption) {          // BEGIN USER CODE                    debugger;                    const msgString = strStringForEncryption; //JSON.stringify(data);                    const key = CryptoJS.enc.Utf8.parse('123');                    const iv = CryptoJS.lib.WordArray.random(16);                          const encrypted = CryptoJS.AES.encrypt(msgString, key, {                              iv: iv                    });          return iv.concat(encrypted.ciphertext).toString(CryptoJS.enc.Base64);          // END USER CODE }             Created Nanoflow to access JavaScript Action: When I want to encrypt data its giving below error: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'enc') When I checked in developer tools:: Please help me how can I resolve this
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