master detail list with editable datagrid

i am looking to have an editable datagrid filtered based on a selection from a list. i have entityA which has a list of people and entityB which has a list of questions and answers. I need the full list of  questions/answers to be asked for each person in entityA and answers saved individually.    when i try to achieve this via microflow, it does not allow the datagrid to be edited inline (which is what i need). when i try via association, it only shows the full list for one person. i have tried to put the datagrid in a dataview that listens to the list, but when i type in an answer for one person, it adds it to every person in entityA   any ideas on how this can be achieved?   
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- create a helper object in your datamodel

- add a dataview witch uses the helper object, created by a new ds microflow which also associates to all  objects returned by your current atasource microflow. 

- then add a datagrid by  database/xpath with the objects you associated with the helper object.



- this results in many helper objects, so be smart and re-use the helper object by also associate the helper object with session and delete them when session ends or keep last 10 helpers.

- editable datagrids should be avoided to be used. sometimes changes will not be saved, for ex when pushing a button while editing. (or mendix has fixed this somehow)