pull to refresh widget for native mobile applicaion

Hi All pull to refresh widget that is available in marketplace is not working for native mobile pages, any alternative solution to use the refresh widget in native mobile Please let me know Thanks Anvitha
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the list view for native mobile has a property for the pull action. You can synchronise or do other stuff. 


Hi Anvitha,


a few months back i was also looking for the same widget pull to refresh for native app, unfortunately, mendix native doesn’t support this kind of widget as of now, i’m guessing u already saw these two widgets on marketplace 

Pull To Refresh  & Pull To Refresh, but doesn’t support for native app. 


but there are a few ways u achieve this pullrefresh page,

listview in general tap u will see PULL DOWN option click on dropdown choose synchronize option,

or else

drap a container> general tab> events> onclick> dropdown choose synchronize option or call nanoflow.

I am not sure it will work on IOS.


Hope that helps you.