Create a drop-down with checkbox and store those chosen for later use

Hi all, I am fairly new to this so if I am asking something to simple please just point me to the right academy course.   I want to add a drop-down menu on a page called 'create report' where the user A can select 1-6 regions (checkbox) from the database. Those selected regions than need to be stored with that specific report to be viewed later by a different user B. As of now there are only 6 regions, but in the future there maybe more. That is why I decided to opt for a drop-down. Is there a way to combine a drop-down and check widget, or is it just simpler to list all the regions with each having an individual check? Or even another simpler way? How do I store those selected region for each report on another page ‘overview’?
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Hi Andreas Jermutus

You can use Bootstrap Multiselect Widget to achieve this which will be avaiable in Marketplace

Hope This helps