Workflow Clean up

Hi All   I created a workflow to keep on sending rest requests to endpoints until we receive status SUCESS, which is inserting thousands of records everyday into workflow tables. These workflow data is redundant for our project. We are using Mendix version 9.7.0. In mendix 9.7, we do create an entity which inherits  System.Workflow entity to pass the Workflow Instance and WorkFlow Context objects to workflow defination. When i delete the records from this entity, i observed that records from workflow tasks and workflow tables are also getting deleted.   Is it sufficient to delete the records from this entity to clean up all the workflow related data? or do we have to delete any other tables apart from this?   Thanks and Regards Manjunatha
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Hi Manjunatha,


Deleting that entity does seem to do the trick. You might want to check this learning path:


There is a section about workflow after-care.