cant find a filters at Datagrid2

  Hi, I did apply filter and captions, it doesn't see both when i click view app. ‘Show column filters’ option is also checked as Yes. What problem does it look like?And how to solve it ?  thanks
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Problem is that you are not yet looking at you running application.

The first image is a screenshot taken from your Studio Pro editor.

The second image is a screenshot taken from your Studio editor, the web version.


To resolve this: in StudioPro press F5 or in the top bar click on this button: then wait for the application to be running, then click on “View App”.




Hi Son Jeonghoon


Please run your application, In this application preview page the datagrid2 column shows the filters.

And also you can add filters in the datagrid2 columns like number filter, date filter, text filter, and dropdown filter for your requirements.

Thank you.