Connect Entitty attributes to visualization

Hello Mendix Forum, I was practicing to connect the values or attributes coming from external systems (eg. OPCUA connector) for animation on a page. I found an example for OPCUA Connector ( and I could not really understand where the variables are connected or linked for animation. I found a html snippet as following.   However there are few terms in the html code such as .gate .Stand, GateMoving or .GateOpen. I am assuming it to be the class names of the respective containers in the same page. I am unable to figure out exactly where are the values coming from PLC OPCUA are connected to the animation. It would be nice if someone could explain how to use either variables in entities can be úsed in scss or any visualizations,  
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I would not recommend to use a HTMLSnippet for something like that, it's not very durable. And you will load javascript from a widget to load styling/html.


I would recommend instead to follow this learning path:


It will give you insight how to view styling from your Mendix application (that's your question) and show how to adjust it to your preference. So you are more in control of your styling in your whole application instead of what you use now very specific parts (pages) of your application.


Good luck!