Button visibility determine by microflow

Hi Guys,   I have requirement where the button should be visible based on the microflow validation. Could you please guide me here how to implement this functionality. Thanks in advance
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Thanks for asking. I think it is good to rethink the goal you're trying to achieve. When using microflows, the logic will always be executed in the runtime. When used a lot on pages, this could slow down the performance. Some other options you have;


- Add a context entity (non-persistent) as a page parameter to the page on which you want to achieve this. Give the context entity an attribute (boolean) to use in your conditional visibility. When opening the page, use a microflow instead to set the boolean value.

- If you need on-page changes based on input, you can also use nanoflows to toggle the boolean you created. The nanoflow will run in the client and perform better for UI-tasks like this.


Hopefully, this helps you out. If not, it would be nice if you can share a bit more on your use-case.