Convert localised date to non localised date

Does anyone know what the correct procedure is to convert a localised date to a non localised date? I know dates are stored in UTC in the database. So 22/02/2023 22:00 in UTC is actually 23/02/2022 00:00 in CET.   I am wondering how you deal with dates that have been entered by people in different time zones when converting from a localised date to a non localised date.   Just switching the radio button on the attribute to non localised on the attribute in the domain model will lead to dates switching from day. In my example above: that date was showing as the 23rd in the CET time zone but will be showing as the 22nd if I switch it to non localised.    How can that be resolved?
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This could be solved by running a batch in a microflow where you add or subtract the offset in hours to the stored date after switching to localized “No”


BUT; do you know the offset of the users who entered the date initially? 


solution if it’s only the date component which is part of your date. thus only using a date picker, without the need of having a specific time set. And it appears that the offset for all users is the same. just add 2 hrs to all dates. Or add a day and trim to date.


note: IMHO the default for localized should be No instead of Yes. as most  cases the offset isn't needed to know.