Show exact count of Request in PieChart

Hello, I want to display Count of request in PieChart instead of percentage. When I am trying it, I don’t find any option to display Count of open request. For Example: For one Requestor, I am fetching number of requests open. But it will always be 100% for any requestor who is logged in as we are only fetching requests related to that requestor. Instead I want to display number of request open for a requestor, let’s say some count(8). How to achieve that? Please help. I am using Mendix 9.6.10 version.
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Hi, I guess you can create a helper NPE entity to hold the requester name and the number of pending request, then on the pie chart widget assign the data source to a microflow that retrieve the requester object for all of your users and count the requested object for each one, then do a create object (helper piechart entity) to assign both values. you can check here:

If you want to get rid of the % you can set a JSON like configuration on the textinfo tag: