Show related attributes from different entites

Hi,  I want to show an overview from different entities: I created a report with user A (entity 'Report' and it also stores owner/createdDate via System members toggle) Than user B edits this report and adds 3 attributes to it (saved in entity 'decision') Now I want to create an overview page for user C that displays any unique report (preferably in a list) and its related attributes, for example: report 1 with all attributes (from entities: report/region/plant/decision. where region might be region2/plant1 reasonable/solved =true/true)  report 2 with all attributes (from entities: report/region/plant/decision. Region2/plant2 and plant3 reasonable/solved = true/false) I know I need to use the associations between the entities (and I am not sure if a report also saves the associated region/plant), but I can't figure  out how to display it/retrieve it all in a microflow.   I assume I messed up before and that is why I cant really retrieve the data I want.   The domain model:
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