No Jdk directory was selected

When i am trying to run my application in  modular so  i am  getting error like NO JDK  directory was selected . when i was trying to browse under proggrame file . eclipse adoptium /jdk 11 file was not there  i think due to some reason that file has been deleted .  how to add eclipse adoptium /jdk 11 so that i can run the aplliction . please help me  and please try to explain me stepwise what should i do . Thankyou somuch
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Hello Ashish,
Yes you can install the JDK from the preference and settings section. Install it from the terminal using Homebrew.




You can set the JDK Directory via Edit → Preferences...


You can download and install from here: (Windows 64bit version 11)


I have no clue why it didn't work, but this is how to correct it. The name of the directory changes from my screenshot.


Go make it