Display Objects that are not yet commited

Hello everyone,   Currently I am working on an application in which I want to create multiple location entries based on the site that is also being created in the same process. I was wondering if there is any way to not only show the site but also the created locations that still need to be commited. Currently I am using a listview, Although I am not quite sure this is best solution for this problem? 
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Hi Bas,


I'm not sure what your model looks like. If you can provide some screenshots of the domain model and page, that would help. 

If you've set the Listview with source Association, you’ll be able to retrieve the not committed objects from memory + the committed objects. If you want to indicate which objects are not committed I would recommend using an enumeration and update the enumeration (such as ‘New’ and ‘Saved’) once you commit the object to the database. If you only want to show not committed objects I would recommend using a data source microflow and filter the list accordingly.


Let me know if you need further help.