Reference Selector empty when given constrain paths

Hi ! I have 3 entities ‘Department, Task, Activity’  and I have associated them  I have listed ‘Task and Activity’ in the main page through reference selector. ‘Activity’ reference selector has values ‘Projects and others’. The ‘Department’ is chosen by the user while signing up. The requirement here is, the tasks should be listed based on Activity and Department. I have attached the ‘Task’ entity table and ‘Activity’ entity table below. I have achieved this by choosing paths in the selectable objects property in task reference selector. While selecting ‘projects’ in ‘Activity’,  Tasks which belong to ‘Projects’ and the registered ‘department’ are listed Issue here is while selecting ‘others’ From ‘activity’ Tasks list is empty. But I have other common tasks which belong to all departments which should be listed on selecting ‘others’ in ‘Activity’. Is there any solution for the above?    
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Can you add a column to the Task datagrid to display the associated Activity?  It seems that you don’t have any tasks associated with Activity ‘Other’, which is why no Task IDs are appearing when you select Other.  An additional column would help to confirm that.