Form Validation

Hi team     I have customer object where customer name is required.   I’ve put validation rule in entity.      When user tries to edit customer I give user opportunity to edit customer inside same page without popup.      When user clears the name and through navigation goes home and comes back, user see validation error in popup and the name is still empty although I have done database retrieve. It seems that whenever object is shown in data view memory object is taken.      Instead I would like this changes to be removed from memory if user doesn’t hit save and navigates any other page.      Is this possible to implement?    Regards, Anahit
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Hi Anahit,


Yes, you could set a Onchange Action on this Textfield. 

Check there if the Customer Name is empty

If empty then use the Rollback Activity. 


Instead of the validation error with the popup, you could use the validation in the Textbox.


This will make it user friendly.

Im not 100% sure now but i think that this validation in the textbox will do this rollback automaticly..


Hope this helps