Client not authorised

I am running two applications at the same time, and I send data from one to another Through the PUT method, but When I add new data and save button call PUT method, I got this: The client is not authorized. Request failed with status code 419. Removing token and session.
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The error message "The client is not authorized. Request failed with status code 419" indicates that there is an issue with the authorization/authentication of your API request. Error code 419 usually indicates that the authentication token or session has expired or is invalid

To resolve this issue, you should check your authentication token and session to make sure they are valid and not expired. If the issue persists, you may need to contact the server administrator for further assistance


The specific method for checking the validity and expiration status of an authentication token and session will depend on the implementation details of the application and the authentication system being used. Here are a few general steps you can take to help identify and troubleshoot issues related to authentication tokens and sessions:

  1. Check the server logs

  2. Verify the token: You can verify the validity of a token by decoding it and checking the information it contains. The specific method for decoding the token will depend on the token format being used (e.g. JSON Web Tokens). You can check the expiration date and other relevant details to determine if the token is still valid.

  3. Check session expiration settings: Check the session expiration settings in the application's configuration files or database to make sure they are set appropriately. If the session expiration time is too short, users may be logged out frequently and have to re-authenticate frequently. If the session expiration time is too long, it may leave the application open to security vulnerabilities.

  4. Test the application with a fresh token: Generate a new authentication token and test the application with it to see if the issue persists. If the error message disappears with a fresh token, it may indicate that the original token has expired or become invalid.

  5. Check authentication middleware and configuration: If the application is using a third-party authentication service or middleware, check their documentation and support resources for additional troubleshooting guidance. It may be necessary to modify the configuration settings or upgrade to a newer version to resolve the issue.