adding an image + uploader to my list view page

Hi everybody,   hope you are all doing fine. I am new with Mendix and i was wondering if someone could help me out. I would like to add an image  + uploader in my Product_NewEdit pop up layout page (list view). It looks like this right now:    
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Usually, you will associate a separate image-entity.

To see an example of adding an image to an entity, download app “Base application” and have a look at Person_NewEdit.

For your case, make the product’s entity an its associated images look like this:

and make the product page look something like this (first download the ‘Filedropper’ from the Mendix marketplace, then right-click in your page, add Widget, and select Filedropper) :


Set the filedropper-settings like this:


And you are good to go.



Hi Mohamed,


In your Toolbox you have a Widget for Imageso. You can use this to upload Files/Image and then you can show the Image in the Listview.


For a bether understanding i recommend the Learning Path -> Advanced Domain Modeling

You can paste this "Using the FileDocument and Image Entity" in the Searchbox, right in the Corner to get to the Academy Course.


Hope this Helps,

Good Luck




Hello Damir,


Thank you for your answer.

Is there also a beginner solution for this?

I just want to add a product including the details like you see in my screentshot but then with an image.




Thank you so much Tim.

I tried different things but i could not fix it.

I will ask the teacher tomorrow in the classroom.


Thnc for your support.