Doment template - linear-gradient

Hi there, I want to draw a diagonal line from top left to bottom right for a table cell in a document template. When I try to generate a PDF with the following in custom style, I get an error that there is no such function. background: linear-gradient(to bottom right, transparent calc(50% - 0.5px), black 0, black calc(50% + 0.5px), transparent 0); Can I do this by creating a new scss file and specifying the class? Also, can I specify the css class in custom style? Any alternative suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.   BR, Kazuki Abe
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The pdf is generated by Mendix using a library (Apache FOP 1.0) that has limited features and linear-gradient isn’t one of them. There was a similar question on this forum about a diagonal in a table a few weeks back. I’m not sure how to do this. Maybe you could put an image in the cell with the diagonal.