Changes in scss files in theme/web are not reflecting in mendix 9.22

Hello Experts , I have made added scss file in theme/web using vs code but those files and changes in main.scss in not reflected in mendix under styling and neither the styles are applied when run my app on browser. I have also synchronize app directory as well what could be the possible reason for this and how can I solve this?   Any help would be appreciated  thanks in advance.        
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trying to add this css styles in custom-login




Hi there,


The layout of your SASS files seem to be fine. My guess would be that you’re not assigning the custom class to the appropriate container on your page.


I’ve copied your layout for your SASS files and tried implementing it to a project. On my login page, I’ve added your custom variable to the container for my login page



Once deployed, the container of the login page now has your custom class


Also, if you’re working on Chrome and haven’t done so already, disabling cache could help if you’re changing the design frequently (Right click → Inspect → Network → Tick “Disable Cache”):



Hope this helps,