Export json array in Rest service

Hello Forum,   I want to export a json array from Mendix. However my Export mapping shows this  type (array) as unknow. This is my JSON i want to export: {     "name": "",     "taskTypeId": ",     "description": "",     "url": "",     "locationId": "",     "clientId": "sdc",     "taskId": "sed",     "minPlannedDate": 2920302883373056,     "expirationDate": 1000000000000000000,     "tagIds": [         "sdc", “sdc”     ] }   Does anybody knows how to export the “TagIds “ part?  I have a task enitity ( whitch contains all the attributes till the “TagIds” part in the JSON). The task entity is connected to a TagIDWrapper whitch is connected to a TagHelper entity. I thougt i could export in the same way Mendix imports the arrays.   kind regards,   Jasper Voerman    
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You could use a helper entity in the same way. Bundle all the required information on an intermediary entity and build the JSON off of that. Assuming the TagHelper entity contains the TadIds for example. That way you can build an export mapping with all the fields from one entity and use that.