Troubleshooting Issue with Mendix List View Widget on Dashboard Page

Hello everyone,     I am new to Mendix and have created a page for my dashboard. I am now trying to connect data to this page to reflect the SLA_Status entity that I created earlier. However when I try to double-click on the List View widget on the SLA_Dashboard page, nothing happens. I have already tried selecting the list View and unlocking it, but still cannot access it. Does enyone have any suggestions for how to resolve this issue? Thank you in advance for your help!
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Incase if you are not able to connect via double click method, try from the left side:  properties menu → Entity Path



Hey Nalin Diri,
You can connect your entity to your list view by 3 methods..
1. Using the List view configuration pop up page.

2. Using the Properties Tab

3. Using the Connector Tab

You can find Properties and Connector tab by navigating to View from the Menu bar

Hope this helps you.