MxAssist Performance Bot always showing no anti-patterns

Hi Mendix Experts,   I am having trouble figuring out why the MxAssist Performance Bot is always showing no anti-patterns for all modules each time I click on “Inspect Now” regardless of what configurations I set for it as seen in the image below.   I am expecting there to be a multitude of results when I inspect because the app is receiving alerts of database connections reaching the limit which is why I intend to investigate. The MxAssist Performance Bot may prove useful in this case.   Any help to point me in the right direction is always appreciated.   Thank you!   Best regards Kevin
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Hi Kevin, sorry that you experience this.  Is it possible to open a ticket so that we can get a copy of the app + SP logs? This can help us to investigate.

Meanwhile, you could try to create an antipattern that Performance Bot should detect (see the list here, Then run the Performance Bot using the inspect button to see if Performance Bot works.