File Dropper Widget

Hi I am using File Dropper Widget to upload files.I am restricting the user from uploading more than 1 file for which in the properties section, i have set the max limit for no of files as now after uploading 1 file , when user hover over the attachment icon , it will show restriction icon. But along with that i also want to use a validation feedback to show the msg that" Cant upload more than 1 attachment" when the user tries to click on the attachment button again . How to show that validation message ?  
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1 idea is to wrap the file dropper widget in a Dataview which has the context entity that is associated to the file specialisation.

The file dropper widget has the context selection which Associates the file being uploaded to the context object which helps a lot :)

I made a small app for you: Download it here I this app on the side navigation the 3rd link is what you can see.
See if this helped you. Good luck