Marketplace module version and upgrade

Hi! How can I find out marketplace module version for the ones I have downloaded in my app and how can I upgrade the marketplace modules? Some have an indication of the version like this, but not all.
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For the version, if you don’t see that highlighted like the screenshot in your post, look for an object in the module called Documentation or something similar.


To update a module, in Studio Pro, open the marketplace (click on the shopping cart icon in the header bar), find the module you want to update and click the Download button (either on the home page of the module or for a specific version in the All Versions tab.  Studio Pro will take care of the rest (although you may have some errors to resolve after downloading).


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The way to find out if a marketplace module has a newer version available is to look it up in the marketplace. Then go to the tab called "Releases” and see if there is a higher version there.

To upgrade marketplace modules is just as easy as downloading the newer version into your app. For every upgrade it is good to read the release of a version cause sometimes there are some changes needed before or after downloading it into your app.


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We can upgrade it by download the latest version and it will replace the existing module in your package.