How to handle error behavior

when i do any kind of activity like API call, if there is any issue with it i get error “ error occurred, please contact system admin”,  but i do see the actual reason in the console logs or logs.  is there a way to print this error message on the screen like show message  or is there a way to manipulate this in meaningful message for users to see .. just “error occurred” does not mean anything to the users and they are not very clever to go check the logs ..
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Hi JP,

Yes, you can do this,

You can use Error Handling for the same,

Right-click on the Rest Service activity, and choose set error handling,


Now choose custom without rollback,



Now you will see a yellow circle in your  Rest activity,

From this yellow circle, you can make another flow, which will be activated when there’s an error,

And you can customize it in whatever way you like,

for ex:

Now you can show a message, using show message and show a log message with the latest error as the message string,


Let me know if you have any issues,

Hope it helps!!