Create Object not committing as expected

have a situation where i need to log information into an entity “LOG” for logging purposes. So i have created multiple create object all along the microflow with different message at different points. but what i see is that only the last create object is updating the LOG entity , so that is the only entry i see.     below is example of one of the create object in the flow, all others are similar. now whta i dont understand why only the last create object is able to insert records .
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Hello JP,

I suggest you to check the inbuilt database viewer for the commits in Log entity. If data was committed there, there might be problem with retrieve or in xpath.

If everything is correct and you still didn’t see your committed data, try to restart the Mendix or your pc and try again. (helpful in most of the case).

If nothing solve your issue, this might be an question for Mendix support. Please raise support ticket here:


Hope my answer helps.


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