Dropdown with Accounts as its source to populate an attribute.

Hi   I am looking to add a dropdown to my form which will allow the user to select from a list of accounts that belong to a particular UserRole.   I have a microflow that returns the list of users but I am struggling to figure out how to add a dropdown with it as it’s source/selectable objects.   I have tried ; Adding a Data view with Account as the Data Source. Adding a separate entity with generalization of Account and associating it to my Parent Entity. Adding a dropdown/reference selector directly to the data view.   I am not sure how else to do this, ideally I want the selected account to fill a String Attribute which I could do with an After Event microflow.   Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
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Hi Grant,

Did you make sure to add an association between your data view and the Account entity? If so, you should be able to select the reference in a reference selector allowing you to select accounts.