Process Queue - Reference text attribute is removed in version 9 Task Queue

Hello, There is a similar question in forum, but for some reason I can’t open it. So I will duplicate it here, because we have the same issue with Mendix 9.   As part of an upgrade to Mendix 9.12.10 from Mendix 8 we are updating our Process queues to Task queues. We have noticed that the attribute ‘Reference text’ is no longer available in the Task queue implementation. In the Process queue implementation we used this field we were able to put more information about what objects were going to be used in the job and could see this in the the Process queue status overview that was provided. I have included the Task queue helpers module in our project and the overview provided does help. I have also included the parameters used in the queue in that overview, but these are not in a format that is useful for us as it only contains the ID’s of the objects passed as parameters. I was wondering whether there was something similar to the attribute ‘Reference text’ in the Process queue that is available for the Task queue? So to say we need to track the transactions and avoid duplicates in the system.   Regards, Serhii
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