Generating a PAT for git CLI

Hi, Currently when I try to access I get an error which prevents me generating a PAT to use git from CLI. Is there any alternative way to generate a PAT? Additionally, how well does git integration work from cli with studio pro? Currently from what I can see it’s intended to be used from the ‘Version Control’ menu in studio pro rather than cli. File changes are just shown as ‘App.mpr’. If you rebase or checkout, changes don’t reflect in studio pro even if you synchronise the app directory. Reopening studio pro reflects changes from git however. Is there documentation on how to use studio pro with git cli correctly?
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Looks like PAT generation has been moved from Warden over to User Settings.

Navigating to User Settings → Developer Settings gives you access to PAT generation.

Generation of PAT through this method doesn’t seem to throw any errors.


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