Microflow to synchronize two entities

I am trying to synchronize two entities and want to use "Before" and "Commit" in "Event Handler". How do I create a micro-flow when doing the above? I would like to know the specific contents of the microflow.
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So I'm guessing you want to update Project_Data with values from data.

First I would use an after-commit handler on Project for this and pass parameter Project. Because I only want to update/sync Project_data if the commit on Project is successful, not on beforehand. 


In your microflow place action ‘retrieve Project_data over association’ (make sure it's there using findcreate pattern or place empty check) and add ‘change object’ action for Project_data.

Change the desired attributes where you set the value with corresponding $Project/Attribute.

Be sure to commit the Project_data object and possibly refresh in client if needed.


Good luck.