Hi community, a question for the styling professionals.   I am working on a project monitoring app.  In this project there are a few static "project roles" which are stored in entity "project" and several dynamic "project roles" which I store in "project participants".    Project 1 - * Project participants   I would like to create an overview in which I show all project participants for a project in tabular form. Both the static and the dynamic ones. But in a uniform table. Since I show the dynamic participants in a listview, they are indented in the table. That doesn't look very nice visually. Looking at the screenshots, I think it is clear what the visual problem is. (see screenshots)   1) How can I get the dynamic content to the same width as the static content?   2) How can I remove the spacing of the rows? I am happy about help      
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You need to use css for this.

I usually assign a new class to the listview and then modify in main.scss

For example: {

    & > ul > li {

        padding: ($grid-padding-top * $listview-scale) ($grid-padding-right * $listview-scale) ($grid-padding-bottom * $listview-scale) ($grid-padding-left * $listview-scale);




where the variables used are defined in custom-variables.scss