Application not running locally.

I get the following errors for all applications while running apps locally.  [rtlauncher:container$] INFO Evictions for component 'project-userlib': deployment\model\lib\userlib\joda-time-2.9.jar by Evicted deployment\model\lib\userlib\bcprov-jdk15on-1.66.jar by Evicted deployment\model\lib\userlib\bcprov-jdk15on-150.jar. And a lot more of these I tried downloading the applications again, deleted Mendix Cache, Cleaned deployment directory. Nothing seemed to work.
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To solve the jar errors, I manually unselected the duplicated jar files from the deployment tab in the project settings.

For the following error: 

[rtlauncher:container$] INFO Container start took 2105. Ready to accept admin requests. 

To handle it, just add or update the environment variable NO_PROXY to add and restart your PC.

Something like this: