No constraints for date and time

On a datagrid with data source set to “Database” you can easily add constraints for all members to limitate the result list. But is it intended behavior or just a bug, that if I try to add a constraint for a date and time attribute it just doesn’t display the available operators?   Why is this not possible? A “Equals” or “Not Equals” should be easily doable for date and time objects as well … This is especially frustrating on Select-pages because if I use a microflow as datasource (which can easily do such constraints) Im not allowed to use select buttons or filtering … Using Mendix Studio Pro 9.22.0 (not selectable when asking questions)
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Hi Syman,


When you use datasource XPath instead of database, You can enter your constrain on DateTime



ofcourse you need to add your aother constraints (Xpaths as well).



!=Not equal 


Those can be found at 


Hope this will help,