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Hi, i have a page where i fill the user details such as name, email and phone number. I have a button at the bottom where on click i need to send an email to the entered emailID in the page. I’ve created the template for the email. How can i do that. This would be really help full.   
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You can refer the below document





First you need to install and configure the Email Connector Marketplace Module.
The module is widely used and pretty self explanatory. 
Once you configure it, see if it is working by using the Test Email Sending option (inside the EmailConnector provided page)

Now that you are ready with the EmailConnector do the below.
In the button that you mentioned in your question, make it call a Microflow.

This microflow should call the SendEmail Java action provided by the EmailConnector Module

You can find the details here:

If you want to send email using an email template then, you can refer this:

Let me know if it worked.