Deeplink to a page

Hi!   Could someone please help me understand how to create a deeplink to a page that user can copy by clicking on an icon, similar to this: DeepLink.Startdeeplink microflow is already added to the startup microflow of my app and DeepLink.DeeplinkHome microflow is added to the microflow that opens my homepage.   What would be the next steps? Thank you!
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Hi Elina. 


The next step would be to create Deeplink. 

You can create Deeplink in 2 ways.​​​​​:

  1. Through your custom microflow by triggering Java action SetStringParameterDeeplink. Example (In this case the final link will be At the end the link will be domain/link/auth):                                
  2. By using Deeplink snippet: DeeplinkConfigurationOverview 

You also will need to provide necessary permissions to users to Deeplink Module.