Get error CE7247 (should have one parameter) when the parameter exists in the microflow

I get the error CE7247 while the parameter clearly exists in the MF When I delete the second parameter, the error disappears but of course, then I have other issues.
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I think that PDLRequest parameter is used by at somewhere in microlfow. You can use the search option and find usages in your project. After than I expect that some node in this microlfow cannot refreshed itself.

Sometimes we act this issue. You should respectively open each node in your microlfow and wait for one second to update itself.


I hope that works for you.    


I am getting the same error code on one of my apps with the message, “Microflow should have one parameter of type Question.Question” despite the fact that Question.Question is not even a parameter in that specific microflow. I am unable to find any documentation for this specific error code but I wonder if the message is actually stating the correct problem. I will be following this thread and hope someone out there is able to help.